People, Prospect, Passion

Based on the anthroposophical construction “D.I.Y.” of making an in-depth research on Taichung urban development, this year, the theme “People, Prospect, Passion” is set to discuss the relationships between Taichung and its residents, the prospect of Taichung, and how to promote Taichung from both its graphical features and people’s passion.

2019 International Conference on Taichungology (ICT) will be held on Nov. 15-16(Fri.-Sat.) at National Chung Hsing University. People interested in Taichungology are all welcomed to participate in this international event, including International professionals, scholars, experts, both national and local practitioners, and citizens of Taichung or other regions in Taiwan. Don’t hesitate to come and join us!


The imagery “People” here projects people’s connection with their communities and the relationships between Taichung people and its mother land. Thus, the development of “politics” and “economy” is meant to focus on the importance of sustainable productivity in Taichung.


People’s prospect to a city’s future is the main point to accelerate its urban development. Therefore, probing into “ecology” and “environmental sustainability” represents the necessity of a more sustainable and prospective advancement of Taichung city.


The emotional images of Taichung residents’ passion picturize their reflection of Taichung’s “history”, “multi-cultures” and “social phenomenon.” As a result, their passion also symbolizes the rationality of sustainable living in Taichung.